Just Imagine



30A is the perfect setting for a relaxing getaway that will let you recharge in a beautiful setting with palm trees and colorful sunrises and sunsets.  Get that beach chair and cooler ready and prepare for a day of relaxation.  It’s time to relax the mind and body.   You’ve entered the time zone called “Beach Time”.  Time to slow down and exhale.

Draw a deep breath in…. and out….

In….. out…..

Become more and more relaxed with each breath….

Feel your body giving up all the tension…. becoming relaxed…. and calm…. peaceful….you’ve got it!   

Family Friendly

Family Friendly

Family life is so hurried today.  30A is a vacation destination and it’s full of laid-back fun family friendly activities. From bike rides, sunrises, building sand castles, paddle boarding, kayaking, sunsets, beach bonfires are just a few.   Perhaps you will discover a new hidden talent by taking an art class, singing-karaoke, watching a chef create delicious food.  A perfect place to make lasting memories.  Can’t you see the fun?  Can’t you hear the laughter?  Don’t forget your camera!

Legend around the area is that if you leave the beach here with sand in your shoes – you’ll eventually find your way back.



The 30A area is bursting with beauty, and southern hospitality in a trendy setting.  Did you know, 30A has been called “The Pearl of the Panhandle”?  

30A has 16 different communities….explore them all on foot,  bike or car.  From the gorgeous architecture to the trendy restaurants and shops.  Each community has a distinctly different vibe. Make sure you bike or drive the length of 30A, you will be amazed!   Do I hear an “Oooooooooo” and  “Ahhhhhhh”?  Enthusiasts can pedal more than 200 miles of trails, state parks and forests, designated bike lanes and sidewalks. South Walton is one of the most pedal-friendly places in the country.  Break a sweat on The Longleaf Pine Greenway Trail in Point Washington State Forest,  home to the tall, splendid trees that grew abundantly along the coast and are now the focus of major conservation efforts.  Take a Rare Ecosystem Hike.  Eden Gardens, Grayton State Park, Deer Lake Trail, Topsail Hill Preserve State Park are other parks to visit.   Don’t forget  to explore the arts……check out the unique art galleries and music is everywhere. Bring along your own guitar or harmonica. It’s very common to find someone strumming their guitar on the beach.  Perhaps you have a favorite musician playing in a local restaurant.    Music floats through the air….. up and down 30A.    Can you hear it?  Go ahead and sing along.   You may have a hard time doing it all but so much fun trying!

30A is close to Destin and Panama City if you desire to take a fishing charter, water park, amusement type parks, snorkeling tour, dolphin cruise, challenging golf courses, movie theaters, world-class shopping and many great restaurants to suit all palates and budgets.  So much fun and so much to explore!  Are you exited?  Are you ready?

Kayaking coastal dune lakes

Fish, Hike, Paddle On The Rare Coastal Dune Lakes of South Walton 

 Recreational activities abound on these rare coastal dune lakes.  Walton County is well known for its beautiful beaches and great fishing.  This area has unique and scenic coastal dune lakes that dot the coast along the area’s dune systems.   Nestled along 30A are rare geological features that only occur in the Florida Panhandle, Madagascar, Australia, New Zealand, and the northern Pacific coast of the U.S.  Streams, groundwater seepage and rain are the sources that feed the coastal dune lakes.  Storm surge creates intermittent connections to the Gulf of Mexico, called outfalls.  This periodic connection empties lake water into the Gulf and, depending on tides and weather, salt water and organisms from the Gulf flow back into the lakes.

Have you always wanted to try standup paddle boarding or kayaking?  Imagine how quiet, beautiful and serene, surrounded by sugar-white sand dunes, watching the color of the sky change and watching the world go by.  Are you ready to work on your bucket list?


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